Collection: Essential Kitchen Tools

Super thin slices of potato... Fluffy shreads of parm... Super fine garlic mince... All the lime juice... The silky sauces... Uniform matchsticks of carrots! This is the collection to take your cooking to the next level.



The infamous Japanese mandoline is the go-to for culinary pros. Razor sharp, adjustable, and super precise, this is the way to get uniform julienne and slices. It makes quick work of projects that would take forever even with the best knife skills.

Bonus: the blade is removable, sharpenable, and replaceable.

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2-in-1 Citrus Hand Juicer

Citrus is once of the key ingredients in countless cuisines, which makes this easy-to-use, compact juicer an essential tool. This 2-in-1 lemon press/lime press can juice limes, large lemons and even small sized oranges. It's made with sturdy, industrial aluminum and a protective coating. Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.

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Pro Series Grater (Fine)

Not all graters are created equal. Microplane has become the industry standard to the point where they are name-dropped as an essential tool in cookbooks. Use this for grating Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Cheese, and anything else that needs to reach a super fine consistency fast.

After our own fair share of well-loved Microplanes, we highly recommend this all-metal professional series grater. Super durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean, with a wider grating section for that extra purchase on a hunk of parm and a bumper at the bottom to keep it from sliding.

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Ultimate Spatula

One spoon to rule them all! It does folding, stirring, and scraping from cold to 550 degrees with heat resistant silicone in a single seamless body (no more black gunk in between two pieces - ew!).

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Fish Spatula

Super thin, slightly flexible, and slotted, this is an essential tool for handling fish, fried eggs, and other delicate foods. It can even double as a spider for fishing things out of boiling water or fry oil.

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Y Vegetable Peeler

Those long stick peelers are no match for this Y-style peeler. Lightweight and much more ergonomic, this peeler makes quick work of any stack of carrots. It's also perfect for peeling the thinnest peels off citrus and the little pointy corner can dig the eyes out of potatoes or sunchokes.

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6" Fine Mesh Strainer

If you read a recipe that says "pour it through a fine-mesh sieve" this is that strainer. You don't need a restaurant-grade chinois or some fancy expensive strainer. We also love this for dipping greens into boiling water for a quick blanch, or sometimes used as a stand-in for a spider when scooping tiny items from fry oil.

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3" Fine Mesh Strainer

Cocktail strainer and mini mesh sieve, this little thing is perfect for straining a small portion of peas, rinsing fruits, or even sifting powdered sugar over deserts. Tiny size, big versatility! 

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