I love to cook. I love to learn.

But I don't have time to drive all over hell's half acre to find the ingredients for popular recipes. 

So I started Larderie.

Learning a new cuisine often requires a certain set of pantry staples that are hard to find all in one place. Whether you don't have access to a full spread of culture-specific stores, you don't have the time to run around and find things, or you just don't want to support Amazon, we work to put the essentials all in one place and find a great cookbook to guide you.

Where does the name come from? 

Larderie is a fancy word for pantry... as in "the larderie" or the "the buttery" or "the scullery." We do the fancy pantry stuff. We also sell lard, but that's unrelated.

We’re a local source for global flavors, catering to the adventurous cook. We're based in Montclair, NJ and deliver locally, but we ship all over the U.S.

What’s in the "Cookbook Collections?"

Every collection is unique. We curate the essential ingredients for a given cuisine or cookbook and suggest some extras if you need to round out the pantry. We focus on more artisanal and sustainable producers, always with flavor in mind.

How it works:

  • Collections release to our email list first and offer a 10-20% discount on pre-orders. 
  • Cook along at your own pace! We recommend picking a couple of recipes each week to try out.
  • Share your experiences and tag us or use #fromthelarderie or #fancypantry.
  • Re-order your favorite ingredients any time, or send a collection as a gift!

Is it a subscription?

Nope. We want people to go at a comfortable pace and feel like they can pick and choose what types of cuisine they want to explore more.