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Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co. Biryani Masala

Diaspora Co. Biryani Masala

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Biryani is a celebration of aromatic, spice-laden rice cooked with hearty, marinated fillings. Every region of South Asia boasts their take on biryani as being the best there is. Diaspora Co.'s Biryani Masala is a blend that acts as a deeply flavorful base for you to make a specific regional variation with! A perfect balance of spicy, salty, warming, earthy, and umami flavors, it is at once decadent and simple, distinct and customizable. Sourced from 68 small regenerative family farms across India and Sri Lanka, the spices in this jar have been chosen for their flavor, freshness, and potency. 

Diaspora Co. is building a better spice trade by investing money, equity and power into the best regenerative spice farms across South Asia. A queer, woman of color led and owned business, they are championing heirloom spice varieties and deepening what "Made in South Asia" can mean. And their spices are DELICIOUS!!! 

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